Painless Potty Training – Tips From the Experts!

By Gareth A Williams

Potty training. Every parent looks forward to it, and dreads it at the same time. Potty training means an end to the mountain of diapers that pile up at the end of the day – but it also means months of accidents, spills and other messes that can only occur with a young child learning how to use the toilet!

If you’re getting ready to potty train your child, don’t worry: this article is jam-packed with expert tips and techniques that will have your child using the toilet in no time at all – with as little muss and fuss as possible!

1. Let your child become familiar with the potty chair that you purchased for training; if you try to introduce it to quickly into your child’s life, he or she will rebel against it more. Have your child sit on it without going to the bathroom, and let him or her know what exactly it’s going to be used for. Make sure to heap compliments and praise on your child while he or she is doing this, so your child will become used to the idea of the potty chair.

2. Don’t introduce your child to the idea of big boy or girl underwear straightaway; instead, buy training pants, which you can find at your nearest grocery store. This training pants are a bit like diapers, but they’re great because they resemble children’s underwear in design and shape. It’s a great way to keep preventing accidents while introducing your child to the concept of big kid’s underwear! The best times to use these underpants are during naps and nighttime, when it’s harder for children to control their bladders.

3. Introduce your son or daughter to the concept of a potty routine. Typically, children need to go to the bathroom upon waking up, before and after meals and before going to bed. Get your child used to sitting on the potty at these times and try to help him or her relax. Read a story, sing a song, or even put on a little puppet show. You’ll need to make potty time fun and relaxing in order for your child to be able to use the toilet for the first time!

4. Always be sure to compliment your child whenever he or she successfully goes to the bathroom. Praise is essential during this whole process, and you’ll want to make sure he or she gets plenty of it! Conversely, expect that accidents are going to happen during the potty training process. Don’t become angry or cross with your child; rather, clean any messes up without yelling.

5. Above all things, have patience with your child! Results aren’t going to happen overnight – rather, in some cases, it can take up to a year for a child to become fully potty trained. Expect a few setbacks every now and then; for example, if your child is still too scared or upset by potty training, it might be too soon. Revert back to square one until your child is able to accomplish each step comfortably.

Potty training has long been an arduous process for many parents because it takes so long for a child to adapt to going to the bathroom – plus, the accidents can cause quite the inconvenience! Again, it’s important to have patience with your child, as he or she is trying very hard. With constant praise, encouragement and support from both you and your partner, your child will soon find the confidence to go to the bathroom without using a diaper or nappy – and you’ll be glad that your days of potty training are done with!

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